June 2016 Wrap-Up

Hi there!

It is the end of June, and half a year has flown by. I don’t even understand how that happened, but I know all of us are wondering the same thing, so I’ll just let us all sit with it for a minute. Instead, let’s dive into the book data:

Print books: 9 books, 2741 pages

Audiobooks: 6 books, 1829 pages, approx. 46.28 hours

Graphic novels/Comics: None

Total number of books/comics: 15

Total page count: 4570

Read My Own Damn Books:

Read The Books You Buy: 4 out of 5 of my own damn books were ones I bought in June.

Compared to April and May, this was a relatively low month of reading. I think it’s mostly because my supposedly free weekends turned out to be unexpectedly jam-packed, so not a lot of reading happened over weekends. Also, I haven’t had the urge to pick up a comic all month, though I’ve got them all downloaded and waiting on my kindle. Maybe I’ll be inspired when Ms. Marvel Volume 5 arrives at my doorstep.

Meanwhile, I have squared away this long weekend to hibernate and read, and have even curated a stack. So many exciting books on the docket. I’m also figuring out a way to be more organized about my blogging. I have a few non-review posts about reading in mind, but have been hesitant to roll them out yet. If you guys have any tips on how to blog more effectively, and what kind of content you would like to see, I would really appreciate your thoughts. 

What’s everyone else got on their stack?


May 2016 Wrap-Up

Hello booknerds!

I know this wrap-up post is a whole week late, but hey, life got in the way, shit happens, I’m trying not to get bogged down by it all. May was WILD. So many bookish and non-bookish things happening. But first, let’s get down to the business of bookish data:

Print books: 8 books, 1944 pages

Audiobooks: 7 books, 2558 pages, approx. 77.6 hours

Graphic novels/Comics: 5, 599 pages


Total number of books/comics: 20

Total page count: 5101

Read My Own Damn Books: 15 

Smash Your Stack: I hit my goal of 15 books (barely)

Read The Books You Buy: May was a terrible month in terms of keeping track of things, so I don’t really have a tally of the number of books I bought. Suffice to say, BookCon happened and I did buy at least 3 there, and then a few more when I went to Read Harder book meet-up, so yeaaaah.

Not too shabby considering I barely read anything in the last week and has so many social things happening all through May. My life is by no means any less chaotic, but getting that conference and then the work event out of the way are definitely two major stressors out of the way. I am still recovering from the past week and slowly tackling each portion of my life. I meant to spend some time on Sunday writing but I was so tired that all I did was read and nap. I will get those reviews and tags rolling out in a bit. 

Until then, happy reading everybody!



April 2016 Wrap-up



Ooh, this is my first wrap-up post. It feels good, because this means I’ve had my blog for at least a month, and nobody has tried to kick me off WordPress yet. Yay!

Okay, let’s see:

Print books: 12 books, 3326 pages

Audiobooks: 8 books, 2302 pages, approx. 68.06 hours

Comics/Graphic novels: 625 pages 


Total number of books/comics: 25

Total page count: 6253

Read My Own Damn Books update: I read 16 of my own damn books.

Read The Books You Buy update: Including pre-orders, I bought a total of 15 books in May, of which I read 9. Ack, Bookstore Day on the last day of the month definitely skewed this number. 

Holy cow, this month has been a good one for reading, and all of the credit goes to Dewey’s Readathon. I don’t feel too bad about my Bookstore Day splurge anymore, because most of the books I read in April were my own. Here’s hoping National Readathon Day (May 21st, mark your calendars) does the same for May!

What did your reading look like in April? Link up your wrap-up posts in the comments below!